Designed and handmade in New York / Miami Beach with much love and devotion.

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Glorka Wear committed to mutual growth of artists and designers. 

a brand, supporting various community events, promoting holistic lifestyle, active and healthy way of living and promoting healthy lifestyle and featuring stylish and comfy urban wear. Harem style pants and scarf style ponchos are great for your meditation or yoga practice, dance classes or martial arts, festivals or retreats... Comfy for home and trendy to go out. 

Whether you are into ballet, yoga, tai chi, qigong, capoeira or any other sport or movement activity - Please keep on doing what you are doing! Movement is life, it is energy, it is health - it is so important for your body, mind and spirit to feel alive, to enjoy each and every new day and to be happy.  founded in 2013 the brand started with a simple pant design. Inspired by the ancient times of Samurai and Shaolin monks, it added a contemporary twist to the comfy warrior wear, thus created a new stylish urban look

Eclectic New York Vintage HOLIDAY Popup

Glorka Urban wear


about us:

Concerned about women´s fashion we created a unique framework combining a distinctive experience through our Brand ambassador and affiliate networks. sharing a broad product range u will find consumables as well as bracelets, necklaces and other products that we will be incorporating.

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